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Early Dismissal

Checking Students out Class during the School Day:
If a student needs to leave school for any reason, the student must be signed out. A student will not be allowed to leave campus without permission from a parent. 

Parents can provide permission for a student to leave class and campus in one of the following ways:

  1. Complete the “Early Dismissal “ request on the high school webpage.
  2. Send a note with the student to give to Mrs. Clouse before in the Attendance Office and the student will be given an “Early Dismissal” slip to give to the classroom teacher to leave class.
  3. Send an email to Mrs. Clouse at 
  4. Call the high school at 940-262-7777 and push “1” for “student check-out” on the menu

At this time students will sign out in the main high school office with Ms. Fryer. Parent pick-up and sign-out is only at the front of the high school. If anyone other than the parent is coming to pick up a student, the parent must notify the school about who is coming. Anytime a parent comes into the school to pick up, please bring a valid ID.

Students will not be checked out after 3 p.m. (during 7th period) without an “Early Dismissal” slip provided by the Attendance Office.

Going home sick:
If a student is ill, he or she must go to the nurse’s office to be assessed by the school nurse prior to being able to leave campus. If the student checks out “sick” without seeing the nurse, the absence will not be excused.