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The mission of the Argyle High School Counseling Program is to empower each student to embrace their unique potential by fostering academic success, post-secondary preparation and personal/social development while partnering with parents and the community to provide a safe and meaningful environment.

The AHS School Counseling Program consists of individual planning, responsive services, and guidance curriculum. It is delivered by full-time, certified school counselors with the support of the Coordinator of Crisis Counseling, administration, faculty, and the community. Any individual visits with students are meant to support school success and do not involve “therapy”. The school counselors seek to support students within the school setting and provide resources for others to support them both in and out of the classroom.

AHS Counselors follow the guidelines set forth by TEA and seek parental support when providing services and information regarding character development. These topics include:

These topics are covered in a classroom or large group setting and are not therapeutic. All presentations are developmentally appropriate.

We look forward to working with you and your students. Office hours are from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. You are more than welcome to come in to visit with us, but because our schedules are so varied with presentations, meetings, or conferences, you may want to call for an appointment to assure our availability to meet with you. Students, if you would like to request to see a counselor, click here to fill out the form!

Have a great year, Eagles!

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Substance Abuse Awareness

  • College and Career Exploration

  • Bullying/Cyberbullying Prevention

  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

Margo Bigbee

Counselor (A - Dh)

Kaitlyn Mcguire

Counselor (Di - Ki)

Kimberlee Brinkley

Counselor (Kj - Po)

Holly Burleson

Counselor - (Pr- Z)