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New students

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Are you a new incoming student to Argyle ISD for the 2024-25 school year? We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answered those for you!

Check out the New Student FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions below!

Q How do I register my student to start at AHS? 

A Click here to find new student registration. The registrar can be contacted by email at or by phone at 940-262-7777 x21017 if you have any questions. Please be sure to include all required documents (including an official transcript) so your registration is not delayed. 

Q What classes can I choose from for this upcoming year? 

A Please see the course card below with available courses for the grade your student will be entering in for the fall of 23-24. You can also look for course descriptions in the Academic Course Guide that is linked below. *Some courses on the course cards have been marked out because they are not available to choose from.* 

Q Who is my child's counselor and how can I contact them? If you are reaching out over the summer, please know we will not be available from 6/14-7/24. We will reach out to new students that are cleared through registration upon our return. 

A The Counselor’s are broken down by alphabet.

Margo Bigbee, A-DAT (

Anne Ivy,  DAU-HOLT (

Kaitlyn McGuire, HOLTMAN-MIC (

Kimberlee Brinkley, MID-RUS (

Ria Morrison, RUT-Z (

Q What courses can I take?

A For available courses by grade level, click here. 

Q Do I have to complete summer assignments?

A If you have signed up for an advanced (AP/dual credit) or honors level course, please click here to see if your course has a summer assignment.

Q I am interested in playing a sport. How do I get signed up?

A The head coach's approval is required to add students to athletic periods. If you are interested in playing a sport, click here to find the email contacts for all the different sports. 

Q I am interested in joining a fine arts program. How do I get signed up?

A Some of the fine arts programs do require approval. Click here to find the contact information for the specific department your student is interested in. 

Q What time does school start and end?

A The first bell rings at 8:20am and the last bell rings at 4:00pm. We do not have a bell schedule just yet for 23-24 school year, but click here for the bell schedule from the previous year for an idea. 

Q How do I make a correction to my FERPA Form?

A To update the FERPA Form click here.

Q How many Foreign Exchange students does Argyle allow?

A Foreign Exchange information click here.

Q Is there more than one lunch?

A If we are following the Mega schedule, there is one lunch for the duration of one hour.

A There are three lunches on the Traditional schedule ( A Lunch, B Lunch and C Lunch).

Q Does 9th grade really count?

A Yes, your 9th grade classes are a part of your high school transcript, colleges will see your 9th grade year, just like they will see your 12th grade year.

Q Can I change my schedule if I don’t want/like the classes I received?

A Unfortunately, the master schedule is built based on the course request we received in the Spring, so it is important that you are requesting classes that you want to take as the reasons for schedule changes are VERY limited. 

Q How many credits do you need to graduate?

A Class of 2021 and beyond will need 26 credits.

Q How can I find out which scholarships are available?

A Check out the counseling website for updated and available scholarships by clicking here.

Q Are there AP classes for 9th graders?

A Students in 9th grade can take Honors classes and have the option to take AP Human Geography.

Q When will my student begin taking the required State Testing?

A State testing is dependent on a lot of different factors. Please ask your student's counselor for more information. 

Q Do quarter grades go on my official transcript?

A No, only semester grades are reflected on the transcript.

Q How do I join a club?

A Clubs generally meet at lunch. You just find out where they are meeting, attend the meeting and if you like, you join.

Q What shots are required for registration?

A For a list of required immunizations, click here.

Q What medical forms will I be asked to complete?

A If your child has a medical condition/life threatening condition such as asthma, diabetes, seizures, or severe allergies etc., click here to complete required forms. Please contact the School Nurse if you can not find the form for your student’s medical condition and to set up an appointment to formulate a Care Plan for the current school year before your child starts school.

A If your child will be taking any medications at school, click here you will need to complete the medication form and turn it into the Nurse’s office along with the medications by the first day of school.

Q How many college visits can a student take during the school year?

A Argyle allows for two excused absences for college visits for juniors and seniors, provided they are in good standing with attendance and grades. College Day Forms can be picked up in the counseling office. These absences have to be approved by Argyle HS staff and the faculty of the college that the students will be visiting for the absence/s to be excused.

Q When do 12th graders apply to college?

A As soon as the registration window opens for the college you are planning on applying to. This generally occurs in summer prior to the fall of a student’s senior year, on or around August 1st. Click here to find the Class of 2025 Website for more information. 

Q What are the main choices students have after they graduate high school?

A Here are the different options for life after high school:

  • Four-year college or university

  • Two-year college

  • Trade School and/or certificate programs

  • The military

  • Work force 

Q I have a 9th grader with a Family Access account for them. Do I need to create a new account to add my kindergarten student?

A No, you will need to add them to your existing Family Access account.

Q What can I expect when I talk with a counselor to schedule my high school student?

A Once you have been cleared by our registrar and completed registration, she will put you in contact with your student's counselor. It is extremely important to have an update transcript prior to speaking with a counselor, and is required to complete registration. When you talk with any one of the school counselors, you can expect a high level of professionalism, respect, and understanding. The goal of our counselors is to assist in creating a program where your student's individual needs are met and success is achieved.

Q What should I expect from my 9th grade year of high school?

A Your 9th grade year of high school is a BIG transition. You'll move to a new building, take more intense classes, meet new people, and start seriously thinking about your future.  This year sets the stage for success in high school and in college.

Q Do courses taken in Middle School go on my transcript? Are they factored into my GPA?

A If the course/s is considered a high school course by TEA, that course and grades earned will be reflected on your transcript.  The grades you receive for any course awarded high school credit will be calculated into your GPA.

Q My child has a 504 Plan. Who should I get paperwork to?

A During registration, there will be a section to note if your student is a part of a special program. 504 plans are managed by our 504 Coordinator, Kelly Jackson (

Q My child has an IEP in place. Who should I get paperwork to?

A During registration, there will be a section to note if your student is a part of a special program. 

Q Who is my child’s Assistant Principal and how can I contact them?

A The Assistant Principals are broken down by alphabet:

Izzy Fowler, A-ED  (

Jonathan Delay,EH-LAU (

Laura Nelson, LAW-RAM (