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Clubs & Organizations

Below are a list of the 15+ clubs and organizations that meet during Mega Lunch, or before/after school:

  • American Red Cross Student Group: Thursdays A Lunch Room 1622
  • ASL Club: Wednesdays B Lunch Room 1516
  • Art Club: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month starting Oct. 4. A&B Lunch Room 1536. Applications for spots are due by Monday, October 2. Applications can be picked up in room 1536 or 1535.
  • Book Club: Wednesdays B Lunch Room 2510
  • Challenge Day Club Rotary: Mondays A Lunch in the Lecture Hall
  • Chess Club: Wednesdays B Lunch Room 1511
  • Circle of Friends: Tuesdays A Lunch in the Library Classroom
  • DECA: Tuesdays B Lunch Room 1630 
  • Eagle Tutoring Club: Tuesdays A Lunch Room 2622
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Fridays A Lunch in the Library Classroom
  • French Club: Wednesdays B Lunch 1515
  • Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA): Wednesdays A Lunch Room 2504
  • HOSA Club: Monthly Fridays B Lunch Room 2632, Check Google Classroom
  • International Club: Fridays A Lunch 2523
  • Jesus Club: Wednesdays B Lunch Room 1523
  • Music Appreciation: Fridays A Lunch Room 1614
  • National Honor Society (NHS): Students who qualify and meet the NHS requirements will meet Fridays B Lunch in Gym 2
  • Pickleball Club: Thursdays A Lunch in Gym 2
  • Quill and Scroll: Thursdays A Lunch Room 1618
  • Spanish Cafe: Wednesdays B Lunch Room 1517
  • Spanish Honor Society: Wednesdays B Lunch in Room 1512
  • Student Council (STUCO): Mondays B Lunch in Gym 2
  • Travel Club: Thursdays A Lunch Room 1637
  • Turning Point USA: Mondays B Lunch in the Library Classroom
  • UNICEF Club: Thursdays B Lunch Room 1623